About Ginerix Telecom Auctions

Ginerix Telecom Auctions features Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories, and Gaming Consoles from leading brands including Apple and Samsung.

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  • Ginerix Telecom Auctions Inventory Type & Condition: Used electronics in a variety of conditions
  • Lot Size(s): 20-30 unit smaller lots up to 300+ unit lots
  • International buyers to arrange their own shipping


Ginerix Telecom Auctions mobile phones range in quality. Inventory condition is highlighted at the individual auction listing level.

The range of mobile device conditions include grades A+, A, B, B- and D:

    • Condition Grade A+
      • Pristine, like new condition. Fully functional. May have zero to minimal scratches and/or blemishes.
    • Condition Grade A
      • Light wear and tear. Fully functional. Will allow more scratches and blemishes than Grade A+, but no lens cracks on any surface.
    • Condition Grade B
      • More aggressive wear and tear. Fully functional. Will allow for some blemishes on certain surface areas such as housing, camera lens, rear lens but no cracks on the device.
    • Condition Grade B-
      • Heavy cosmetic damage. Screen still intact. Fully functional. Will have at least one of the following conditions: gaps between housing, gouges, dirt & dust under LCD screen, customization.
    • Condition Grade D
      • Defective and/or heavily used. LCD may be cracked / broken. Devices may have issues with charging/battery life. Suitable for component harvesting.

Types of Auction Inventory

Ginerix Telecom Auctions mobile phones will come from various sources including customer trade-ins and returns.


Ginerix Telecom Auctions Domestic and international buyers are permitted to register and bid on Ginerix Telecom Auctions.

  • USA: State-issued reseller certificate
  • EU: VAT #
  • Canada: GST/HST/QST #
  • Other countries: Valid business certificate/proof of business

International buyers must arrange their own shipping.

To register, bid and buy, you must have a valid resale certificate. To learn more about reseller certificates, please visit this helpful article about the reseller’s certificate.


Merchandise will ship from New York and Texas.


Ginerix Telecom Auctions FAQs address the most common buyer questions about the marketplace.

For any additional questions, please feel free to Contact us here