ESNs/ IMEIs were clear & free at the time of testing using PhoneCheck but Ginerix cannot guarantee the status of the IMEI/ESN won't have been updated before the the order is shipped.

Unless otherwise noted, all devices are tested, fully functional, and free of any user locks (e.g. FMIP lock).

Functionality testing includes:

  • Power
  • LCD
  • Volume Button
  • Mute / Vibration Button
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch ID / Finger Print
  • Sound / Speaker
  • Front / Back Camera
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Battery Life
  • Connectivity
  • Screen Rotation

Condition Grades: Smartphones

Grade A+: Pristine, like new condition. May have been completely refurbished.

Grade A: Light wear and tear. Will allow more scratches and blemishes than Grade A+, but no cracks on any surface.

Grade B: More aggressive wear and tear. Will allow for some blemishes on certain surface areas such as housing, camera lens, but no cracks on the device.

Grade B-: Heavy cosmetic damage. Screen still intact. Will have at least one of the following conditions: gaps between housing, gouges, dirt & dust under LCD screen, customization.

Grade D: Defective and/or heavily used. LCD may be cracked / broken. Devices may have issues with charging/battery life. Suitable for component harvesting.

Condition Grades: Batteries

New: New, never used.