Your purchase will typically include FedEx Ground shipping to Continental US addresses. The charge incurred per device will be $1.00 USD plus applicable insurance based on value of the order. As an example, an auction with (50) units is shipped via FedEx Ground, the cost will be $50 to ship. The shipping cost will be included in your order information in the Bid Won email and in the My Orders section of My Account. Merchandise will not be released to the winning buyer until wire payment has been received. US Buyers are unable to opt out of Fixed cost shipping. Insurance is not provided and is the responsibility of the buyer.

We will ship the order based on the 'ship to' address provided by the buyer. Buyer will own the product after it has left our shipping dock.

Once an order is paid we will work to get it shipped as soon as we are able with the address listed in the payment notification. The buyer can make the request to send to a newer address, but should be aware that it may not get to us in time. Buyers should do their best to have an updated shipping address at the time of bid.

International Buyers will arrange their own shipping. Once the order is created, shipping address cannot be changed. Ginerix Telecom will not provide export documents for international shipping.

International Buyers will be provided with contact information to arrange shipping once an auction has been won, in the "Bid Won" email.